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Product Warranty

Tie Down will agree to repair or replace any goods which have been determined to be defective in material and/or workmanship. Our warranty is valid for ninety (90) days from the date of the original invoice, provided that written or verbal notice has been given immediately upon the discovery of the said defect and the defective goods are promptly returned to Tie Down This warranty shall not apply to any goods which have been subjected to misuse, neglect or any product that has been used improperly. Tie Down's only obligation shall be to repair, replace or refund the original purchase price of any goods which have prove to be defective. Tie Down will not be liable for any other damages, delays or accidents directly or indirectly resulting from the sale or use of a defective product. We will make no allowance for repairs or any alterations without written consent. Tie Down has made no warranties to claim that any of the goods or product purchased from us are merchantable or fit any particular purpose, we offer no other warranties, expressed or implied, which extend beyond the description set forth herein.

Definitions of Rated Capacity

RATED CAPACITY: The minimum load a component or product will withstand before failure.

WORKING LOAD LIMIT: (W.L.L.) The maximum load a component or product should be subjected to during use. Most regulations suggest that for safety purposes, the "Working Load Limit" should not exceed one third (1/3) of the component's "Rated Capacity".

IMPORTANT FACT: Any product is only as strong as it's weakest component.

It is the owner's and/or user's responsibility to determine which product is suitable for each particular use. You must check all applicable federal, state, local and industry rules and regulations to insure you are operating within the current guidelines. All of the "Rated Capacities" are generally established and/or regulated by industry or legislative standards that may vary from state to state and/or industry to industry. It is highly recommended that you learn the laws, guidelines and regulations that you are subject to in your state and industry.

Tie Down is not a a consulting firm and cannot give pertinent information as to the correct product necessary to ensure you are operating within the correct federal, state, local and industry guidelines.

Never exceed the working load limit of any strap!
Working load limit is 1/3 Rated Capacity